Workers for West Papua

Workers for West Papua is a new campaign fighting to push West Papua’s struggle for liberation from Indonesian occupation up the agenda of the UK trade union movement.

West Papua is a labour issue. Whether through industrial gold mining or palm oil plantations the size of countries, corporate exploitation is at the heart of Indonesia’s six-decade long occupation. 

The UK has long been complicit in the expropriation of West Papua's vast resource wealth. BP recently expanded the giant Tangguh gas field in the West Papuan ‘Bird’s Head’; it is now set to provide a whopping 35% of Indonesia’s gas supply. Meanwhile, a British-led consortium is investing billions into ecocidal nickel mining. 


We need the support of UK workers and trade union members to make this campaign a success. Here’s how you can help

  1. Submit our motion at your union’s conference or AGM.
  2. Ask your union to officially affiliate to the campaign.
  3. Organise your own event – email and we’ll help you do this.